PADI DiveMaster eLearning

Becoming a PADI DiveMaster consists of the following segments: knowledge development, practical application and the DiveMaster final exam. The online portion of the course, PADI DiveMaster Online, covers nine topics that prepare you for the practical sessions needed to complete the DiveMaster course.

Course Benefits
The PADI DiveMaster course is the first professional level within the PADI System of diver education and allows you to work as a training assistant on PADI courses and programs, supervise certified divers during pleasure diving experiences, and conduct some PADI programs independently. Through PADI's eLearning® system and practical segments of the DiveMaster course, you become well prepared to work as a PADI DiveMaster
Prior to enrolling in PADI DiveMaster Online, you must be at least 18 years old, have a current medical attesting to your diving fitness signed by a physician within the previous 12 months, and be a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue or hold qualifying certifications from another dive training organisation. You must also have completed a Emergency First Response (EFR) Primary and Secondary Care course (or other sanctioned first aid and CPR course) within the past 24 months and be able to prove that you have completed at least 40 dives and at least 60 dives before being able to complete the DiveMaster course, with experience of deep dives, night dives and underwater navigation.
Course Design
After enrolling, PADI's eLearning system presents you with interactive presentations that include videos, audio, graphics and reading. Short quizzes let you gauge your progress and review and correct anything you might happen to miss. This lets you move through the program efficiently and at your own pace.
Course Requirements &Materials
The PADI DiveMaster Online program will provide you with perpetual access to an ebook version of the PADI DiveMaster manual, a required material. However, to complete the PADI DiveMaster course, you also need a current PADI Instructor Manual, both the Table RDP and eRDPML, The Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving, and a set of the PADI DiveMaster slates. There are other required materials and equipment, some of which you already have. You will also need to complete the DiveMaster Final Exam as well as meet the professionalism criteria. There is a separate application fee due to PADI that needs to be submitted with the DiveMaster application. Once you have completed the dive knowledge elements of the DiveMaster course we will be able to complete the practical assessments, workshops and other assignments. To enable you to complete the practical elements of the PADI DiveMaster Course please contact us at or complete the contact form online.
The eLearning segment of the course is available for one year from the time of course registration. Though you must finish the online portion of the course within that time frame, you will have perpetual access to an online version of the PADI DiveMaster manual.
We will be notified that you have completed the eLearning portion of the course and that you are ready for the practical phase of the program. At the end of the eLearning program, you need to print out your eRecord and bring a copy for our records.

Minimum Age: 18 years old

Course price includes: Online eLearning, eRecord, knowledge reviews &videos

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PADI DiveMaster eLearning

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