The Mares Icon HD Air Dive Computer took the world by storm with it's large full colour HD display and superb functionality. Mares have now introduced the Icon HD black edition version with new firmware 4.0

Mares Icon HD Black Edition dive computer is the new frontier in gas integrated dive computers. Whereas until now the dive computer was simply a passive receiver of information, with the new Mares bidirectional technology, Icon HD dive computer is ready to communicate actively with the tank module for an unprecedented level of safety and user friendliness. The combination with icon's high definition colour display brings tank pressure information to a new level.

Detailed numerical information is accompanied by intuitive, at-a-glance colour coding. Blue and green means the pressure is above the mid tank warning, red means the pressure is below the reserve, orange and yellow for values in-between. The thresholds are set by the user for maximum customisation.

EAN (Nitrox) from 21% to 99%

The display on the Icon recreates the three-line layout already proven on the Matrix, Nemo Wide, and Puck Pro, for perfect legibility that's clear and intuitive to understand: a powerful example of Mares' keen focus on safety. For example, the rate of ascent is displayed in a much larger font than the previous version.

The screen display contrast has been increased, taking full advantage of a colour screen with TFT technology: for example, the dive profile display updates every 20 seconds and lets you follow the course of the dive live. This optional display now really jumps off the screen.

In both the numerical and profile views, the FW 4.0 adds a field allowing users to customise information to their personal preference. This field is on the lower right adjacent to the dive time, and by pressing the + button, it calls up in sequence the temperature, stopwatch, oxygen percentage set and maximum operating depth, CNS, oxygen partial pressure, time of day, Icon battery status, transmitter battery status, average depth, and air consumption in litres per minute.

In addition, for decompression dives it can also display the ASC+X function, which provides a projection of the total ascent time in the event the diver needs to stay at the current depth for another X minutes, allowing the diver to set X from 3 to 10 min. In combination with this function there is also an exclusive new EXPONENTIAL DECO alarm that advises the diver when the difference between the current ascent rate and the rate in X minutes exceeds a given level, which the user can set.

New features also include the dive menu, which allow users to change certain settings during the dive itself: for example, the diver can change the map shown by pressing the right button, the brightness of the display, or switching to night mode. Night mode is one of the big innovations in the 4.0 release. In night mode, numbers are displayed in white on a black background (for deco situations the centre line will display orange and white numbers to stress the fact that there are obligatory stops), making it more pleasant to read when there is little ambient light.

Another significant innovation is the tissue saturation graph, which shows exactly how the dive profile affects nitrogen absorption and release in the mathematical model that forms the basis of the decompression algorithm. The graph is presented in a very detailed yet readable format, using bright colours, making the information quick and easy to understand. The graph is continuously updated, so the divers can see what effect a change in depth has on the progress of their decompression status.

The logbook offers three pages of information for each dive, including the depth profile, temperature, and tank pressure. Finally, the post-dive screen summarises the main parameters for the dive that just concluded, in addition to showing residual desaturation time, no-fly time, the current CNS level, the surface interval, and over-saturation of each tissue.

Mares offers the firmware upgrade to 4.0 free of charge from the website for anyone who already owns an Icon HD Net Ready. New Icon HD’s are available in a “Black Edition”. This new edition boasts a 33% increase in battery life over the previous model.

Mares Icon HD 4.0 Black Edition Dive Computer
A great computer. Very clear display with simple clear functionality.

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Mares Icon HD 4.0 Black Edition Dive Computer

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  • Icon HD 4.0 Black Edition Dive Computer

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