Mares Hybrid AT BCD

The Mares Hybrid AT BCD has all the features of the standard Hybrid BCD which are now available in the Airtrim version for easy inflation and deflation when in any position or orientation. The harness and bladder have been separated to maximise movement and comfort, allowing the bladder to move around the diver when inflating to help prevent pinching.

The full rigid back plate can be folded in half to allow the BCD to be packed down tightly for travelling but when locked into position provides full support and weight transfer to the hips. Special back and lumber padding makes the Hybrid AT particularly comfortable to wear. The Hybrid uses a mixture of durable but light materials to reduce the overall weight of the BCD.

The Hybrid AT is fitted with the MRS Plus weight system to allow up to 5kg of quick release weight to be fitted in each pocket on the front of the BCD and also 1kg in each of the rear trim pockets.

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Mares Hybrid AT BCD

  • £483

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XS / S

> 5’ 5”
165 cm

> 37”
95 cm

> 55 kg
121 lbs

28 - 37”
70 - 94 cm

M / L

5’ 5 ” - 6’1”
165 - 185 cm

37 - 47”
95 - 120 cm

60 - 90 kg
132 - 198 lbs

33 - 48”
85 - 121 cm


< 5’ 11 ”
180 cm

< 43”
110 cm

< 80 kg
176 lbs

42 - 52”
108 - 136 cm

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