Hollis AUG 260 Unisex Bottoms

The AUG 260 Bottoms are part of the two piece AUG 260 thermal under-suit. This can be used as a thicker base layer or used with the AUG Base for use in cooler water conditions. Used independently it still maintains the excellent wicking characteristics. The 260g/sqm fleece material works by trapping air (which is a much better insulator) in multiple layers and managing its movements whilst diving to help prevent heat loss. Moisture and perspiration is wicked quickly away from the skin to improve comfort and reduce the chilling effect of water on the skin.

The leggings are cut to provide an overlap between top and bottom piece of the system, preventing gaps appearing that would leave portions of the body exposed to the cold. The leggings are designed to fit snuggly yet be very comfortable to wear for both men and women without restricting movement. The blend of polyester and spandex allows additional stretch and flex in the panels to help maintain the fit and close contact to the skin. The panel seams are securely stitched using strong nylon thread in a flat lock stitch that prevents skin discomfort.

The bottoms are fitted with a tie cord around the waist for a customised fit and ankle stirrups that prevent the material from shifting and bunching during the dive. The AUG 260 can be used with the AUG socks to provide thermal protection for your feet.


  • 89% Polyester, 11% Spandex
  • 260g/sqm fast wicking fleece
  • Flat lock stitching
  • Ankle stirrups

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Hollis AUG 260 Set

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Hollis AUG 260 Unisex Bottoms

  • Hollis
  • Aug 260 Unisex Bottoms

  • £69


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