Hollis 500SE DC7 Regulator Kit

The Hollis 500SE Regulator Kit comprises of the following;

  •  2x DC7 First Stage
  •  2x 500SE Second Stage
  •  2x Hollis Pressure Gauge
  •  2x 6" HP Hose
  •  1x 36" LP Hose
  •  1x 84" LP Hose

The Hollis 500SE DC7 regulator revisits an old side exhaust design but brings it up to date with a modern stylish design and re-engineered servo controlled valve to deliver excellent performance. The 500SE second stage is paired with a new over balanced diaphragm first stage that has been designed to ideal hose routing for tech back and sidemount configurations.

The Hollis DC7 first stage uses a stripped down body design to reduce size and weight without affecting integrity or performance. The inline cylinder connection further reduces the overall bulk of the first stage and offers the low and high pressure ports at optimal angles for technical backmount and sidemount configuration. The over-balanced diaphragm mechanism provides performance that increases as the diver descends to help compensate for ambient pressure. The critical internal components of the first stage are protected from contamination and cold-water by a dry seal environmental cap to provide excellent cold-water performance and reliability.

The 500SE second stage uses a newly redesigned pneumatically balanced servo controlled valve for superior performance. The smallest, gentlest inhale starts the servo valve working as air starts to flow into the second stage it creates a vacuum behind the diaphragm, drawing it inwards and quickly opening the valve further. Air flow is increased by allowing it to flow through multiple valve ports rather than a single port. An orthodontic mouthpiece helps to reduce jaw fatigue and improve bite comfort. The side exhaust configuration means there is no right way up, it can be used for both left and right set ups without modification. The first stage second stage are joined using a 30 inch long braided low pressure hose

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Hollis 500SE DC7 Regulator Kit

  • £1,099

Tags: 1st & 2nd stages, hollis 1st & 2nd stages, 500se, dc7, twinset


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