Hollis 321 Octopus

The Hollis 321 Octopus uses the same platform and design as the high performance 221 second stage to deliver reliable high flow rates from a redundant second stage.

The 321 has a large soft front cover that acts as a purge button for clearing the second stage. The adjustable venturi system provide air flow control, giving the diver a pre-dive/dive setting that can be used to provide free flow control when not is use.


  • The Hollis 321 Maxflex features a pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece with High-Density Bite Tabs
  • Ergonomic A.V.S. (Adjustable Venturi System) Dive/Pre-Dive Switch
  • High visibility yellow front cover
  • Comes standard with a 36in / 91cm yellow hose
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Hollis 321 Octopus

  • £99

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