The Hollis 210 H02 Oxygen DIN Maxflex is certified for 100% oxygen thanks to highly specialized component materials and manufacturing processes, the Hollis Tech Regulator is the perfect choice for a deco regulator setup. It exceeds CE performance standards and is assembled in a clean room environment. The HO2 has an indestructible unbalanced piston design. The 210 second stage has a patented orthodontic mouthpiece for maximum comfort on a long deco.

210 Second Stage and HO2 First Stage features: Cleaned and assembled in a clean room environment with specially designed materials, halocarbon based lubricants and color-coded for easy identification; Comes standard with 300 BAR/4500 PSI DIN connection and 40” in. /101 cm regulator hose; The perfect option for this regulator is the Hollis Brass PSI or BAR pressure gauge with 6”in./15 cm HP Hose; This coupled with its outstanding reliability make it’s the only choice for technical divers; Do not attempt to use this product with enriched air until you have obtained training in Nitrox use with mixtures containing over 40% O2 by volume, from a nationally recognised training agency.

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Hollis 210 HO2

  • Hollis
  • 210 HO2 Oxygen Maxflex

  • £245

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