Aqua Lung Ventura + Mask

The Aqua Lung Ventura+ mask has been aesthetically revisited and enriched with patented Cardanic Joint Buckles.

Its single lens design provides a wide field of view.

The patented Cardanic Joint buckles rotate up and down as well as in and out to provide maximum adaptability to any head shape.

The quick, counterposed push button activation makes it easy to release the strap even with gloves on.

The silicone strap has an enlarged headpiece for comfort and to prevent strap migration.

Single lens is 4mm thick and tempered to AnSI standards.

Available in the following colours:
- Clear silicone, black/blue frame
- Clear silicone, black/red frame
- Clear silicone, black/silver frame
- Clear silicone, white arctic frame
- Black silicone, black/orange frame
- Black silicone, black frame
Please enquire with purchase to select colour

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Aqua Lung Ventura + Mask

  • £42

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