The Aqua Lung Slingshot is a revolutionary fin that has taken the industry by storm.
The Slingshot™ makes diving more comfortable, efficient and fun.

Its innovations include Power Bands, Gear Shift and Mid-foot Flex Joints that all add up to provide a wonderful diving experience.

The pure silicone Power Bands are loaded with energy on the power stroke. They release their energy prior to the upstroke to provide an added boost of power. Power bands lessen fatigue and add thrust.

The 3-speed Gear Shift customises your speed-to-effort ratio to fit the specific conditions of your dive. There are three different settings are available which are easy to shift during the dive, even with gloves on.

The blade is attached to the foot pocket using two Mid-foot Flex Joints taking the strain off the toes and the top of the ankle. The result is a dramatic improvement in comfort. You can now use the entire foot to power the fin rather than just the front half of the foot. This provides the blade with a significantly larger range of motion, often up to 5 times that of a conventional fin

Available in sizes small, regular and large/x-large
Available in three colours: black/silver, blue/silver and pink (pink only in sizes small and regular)
Please enquire with purchase to select colour.

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Aqua Lung SlingShot Fins

  • £92

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