Aqua Lung Impression Mask

The Aqua Lung Impression Mask uses the latest technologies to provide the ultimate in form, fit and function.

Using Micromask technology, the Impression’s, lens, skirt and frame are moulded together in one shot, as opposed to other masks where multiple pieces are snapped together. This allows the lens to come close to the face which maximises the field of vision.
The low volume also means that the mask is easier to clear and reduces the buoyancy.

Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) uses bands of different textures around the edge of the skirt resulting in a superior seal against the face.
The mask skirt goes further back on the face increasing the contact surface between face and silicone skirt. This enhances the comfort and reduces the marks left behind on the face.

Available in the following colours:
- Clear silicone, black/blue frame
- Clear silicone, black/orange frame
- Clear silicone, arctic white frame
- Black silicone, black frame
Please enquire with purchase to select colour.

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Aqua Lung Impression Mask

  • £52

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