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We teach Scuba Diving full time because we love sharing the feeling of flying through the underwater world. It is one of life's great privileges and we strive to offer great quality, fun and thorough training so you can enjoy discovering the beauty and tranquillity the underwater world has to offer. To fully appreciate the underwater world you need a sense of it's beauty, a respect for it's risks and a desire to preserve and protect it's existence and we focus on these whilst teaching you to dive.

Please join us on Facebook and Flickr to see our adventures in Diving and watch our family grow, hopefully we can add you to it soon.

What We Do - Scuba Diving

Based in Cheshire, with our own on-site Course Director we strive to offer the best possible student focused training. Our team love the teaching side of scuba and we offer everything from beginner to Instructor courses. We are a very active training facility being in open water most days and running several pool sessions a week.

All our images are our own and are of real students during there courses, the odd underwater modelling shoots and of course our trips and the beautiful underwater world we have been privileged to see.

What We Sell 

We sell the equipment that we dive on day in day out, in our opinion the best there is. We are more than happy to discuss real life usage and reliability to suit your needs.

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